मातृपितृकृताभ्यासो गुणितामेति बालकः 

 गर्भच्युतिमात्रेण पुत्रो भवति पण्डितः ।।


(the child taught by mother and father becomes qualified.
the child doesn't become learned just by being born.)

Shri V Ramaiah was a self-taught man and he believed that ‘Hard work is key to success’. Life was not easy when he was young. The metamorphosis through which he had to pass, instead of weakening him made him stronger day by day, and made him kind towards the poor and needy.

Smt.T.M.Muniyamma, is a true example of a light that has kindly led her long life dedicated to the welfare of her family. Her silent and understanding support was a great comfort to Shri V Ramaiah. She led a simple, selfless life. Throughout her life, she instilled in her children the basic qualities of kindness and respect for elders.

The Global City Educational School Trust was founded by Shri V Ramaiah and the school has grown to what it is today because of their ideals of cultivating strong values, mutual understanding and respect for each individual .The school’s motto is inspired by their lives and the ideologies that they stood for – to transform young minds..