In our globalized world it’s impossible to only stick to our own culture. We learn international languages, we watch international movies and listen to foreign music, learning to accept and understand other cultures is crucial in the age of information and technology, where the future depends on Global Synergy.

In the past few years we’ve hosted international students and sent ours abroad, we’ve provided an opportunity for multiple international trainings for our staff and students, have hosted international teachers, trainers and other guests at our school, which we’re proud of.

Every year our school hosts an Intercultural Bazaar, an event teaching children about different cultures of the world and giving them a chance to showcase their knowledge on them.

Another main intercultural event hosted at GCIS annually is the AFS Interschool Fest bringing exchange students from the entire world to our school to share their experience of intercultural learning and conduct workshops with our students.

One of the most important achievements in ICL has become winning the International School Award from the British Council in 2017 and 2020 for a notable global element in the curriculum.