To inspire creativity, adaptability and help our learners develop a whole spectrum of skills and explore new talents, GCIS runs multiple clubs based on the spheres of interests of different students.

School News channel club

Students of this club are reporters who collect news covering various school events. They have the freedom to express themselves while trying out all the duties of a real-life reporter, such as collecting information, analyzing, writing and editing, interviewing, etc. (the content is always monitored by our teachers).

As part of the club activity the students get to make their own YouTube videos for the school community.
The club provides a great opportunity on learning and developing writing, reporting & editing skills.

Public Speaking Club

A word can be a powerful tool. This club is aiming at the development of confidence and leadership qualities. Becoming a good public speaker helps one gain greater clarity of the message that one wants to convey.  The club participants are getting the opportunity to anchor in all the school events.

A powerful speaker can move and influence their audience. Being confident and knowing how to use the words can always help in one’s career.

Gardening Club

Gardening helps students to connect with Nature.
This club encourages children to provide ideas on the enhancement of the design of the school garden.

In order to do that, the students get an opportunity to visit other important gardens, meet up with the experts in the industry and incorporate those ideas at GCIS. The club members learn on a whole variety of plants and flowers growing on our campus, help growing food and taste the fruits of their labour.

Creative Writing Club

This club helps children use their mind and imagination to develop creativity and allow  them to think outside the box.
Creative writing is a safe, comfortable form of self-expression through which our learners get to develop and push their own ideas. Writing is also a great way of developing social skills. The best works of the students of this club are being published at the end of the year.

Movie Making Club

Students of Movie Making Club are working on scripts and the display of their creativity in the form of short iPad videos. The club is working on the production of 2-3 minutes movies and videos that definitely help our children to improve their ability not only in story writing but also conveying important social messages. The club members get to act out their characters and work in team to produce their videos.

Community Service Club

The importance of community work cannot be overestimated.
The club is aiming at the development of social skills, making contacts and improving the quality of life of other people. The experience of social work definitely has a lot of positive influence on the students, they get to try themselves at team-work and decision-making. 

Interacting with the society and its problems helps the participants get a clearer vision on the world we live in and get a better understanding of it.

Some of the club activities may allow the students to tie up with the NGOs which can be beneficial both for a CV and establishing contacts.

Model UN Club

Since a UN conference is a concentration of different nationalities, this club participants get to interact with students of other classes and streams. It is a chance for all to establish new contacts, learn about other cultures and get a new view on Global Perspective.

Model UN provides a great setting for trying out public speaking and boosting confidence. It is also a chance to expand knowledge on the global issues and suggest solutions for them.

This club also teaches good diplomatic and negotiation skills.

Creative Art Club

Some say that creativity is a key to life: a creative mind can always find its way into the world.
The participants learn about focus and concentration through intricate art work that requires patience and knowledge for the use of different techniques. Art is also a great way to improve hand eye coordination. And self-expression helps many to gain social skills that may not be gained in other academic disciplines as easily.

School Enterprise Challenge

Exposing high school students to entrepreneurship deepens their critical thinking skills, boosts their confidence and provides them with the hands-on learning to succeed in their career. However, the society also benefits from the innovative approach that young students bring to  the table.

The school has already registered for the School Enterprise Challenge Awards Programme 2018.  For further details please open the link:

School Band

Being part of a band not only helps you develop a lot of skills but also is a fun way to distress from everyday life.
Through music and constant rehearsals, the band members get to increase their memory, refine their listening skills (rhythm, pitch, dynamics, etc), improve hand eye coordination.

Playing with the other people is also a great team work experience and, of course, being in a band gives a chance to perform and maybe even become a little famous.