GCIS encourages and stimulates the pupil’s natural curiosity, creativity and imagination in a peaceful environment.

It allows each child to develop personality and individuality and yet retain the ability to relate, work, share and play harmoniously so that they enjoy the reality of collectivity.

Leadership initiatives like prefect council, student council and class captains allow students to bring out their innate human qualities like respect, courage, propriety, sensitivity, dignity and compassion.

These student teams support the leadership in offering periodical feedback, organize school events and implement student code of conduct.

Save Mother Earth is an amazing initiative led by the students of GCIS.

Following events or tasks are done as a part of this program -

  • 1) Natural Resource Conservation (Save Water and Electricity).
  • 2) Rainwater Harvesting (Campaign to neighborhood).
  • 3) Reduce Plastic or Polyethene bags Usage.
  • 4) Reduce Paper Usage for Notice (Promote online based notifications).
  • 5) Use Recycled Paper for School Events.
  • 6) Say NO to Non Bio Degradable substances.
As a traditional feature of schools, the house system in GCIS has four school houses: Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Emerald; thus providing a focus for group loyalty.
The main idea of the house system is to provide training in qualities of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding and self-reliance.
Different types of activities are organized under the house system such as performing arts, curricular competitions like quizzes, debates and sports.
Prefect’s Council’s of GCIS has 8 positions currently. They are Head Boy, Head Girl, Jr.Head Boy, Jr.Head Girl, Sports Captain, 4 House Prefects and Cultural Secretary.

Selection Process
Step -1: Notification
Step -2: Students from Grades 3 to 9 apply for various positions as per the notification by writing an essay.
Step -3: Group Discussion
Step -4: Scores of essay and group discussion are taken into account and final list for panel interview is published.
Step -5: Panel Interview.
Step -6: Council members announcements.
Step -7: Investiture Ceremony

Primary Responsibilities
1) Support School Leaders in implementing Student Code of Conduct.
2) Support Senior Leadership in implementing GCIS Behavior Policy.
3) Support school in organizing events.

Parent volunteers and external expert help would be sought to carry on the selection process.
The class teacher nominates Class Captains and Subject Captains.
Tenure of this position is 2 to 3 weeks. Almost all students of Grades 1 and 2 will get an opportunity to take up at least one role during the year.
CR responsibilities include, supporting teacher in implementing student code of conduct and organsing class events.