The Management and the Principal organized a language seminar for the teachers between 6th March and 11th March 2017. It was conducted by Professor Starkova Daria, a PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the English Philology & Contrastive Linguistics Department, Ural State Pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg, Russia.  She taught our teachers the methodology of Foreign Language Teaching for a period of 6 days. It was an intensive learning experience for the teachers as they got to update their knowledge through a series of lectures, presentations, interactions and fun filled activities.   

She focused on FLT methodology as a science, Linguistic Fundamentals, Psychological Fundamentals, Didactic Fundamentals of FLT methodology.  The various methods and techniques of Foreign Language teaching, the Psycholinguistics as a Speech Activity Science, Speech Production and Child Language acquisition were all covered by her.

The workshop has re-energized all the teachers and gave lots of inspiration for the next academic year, where already 3 more training seminars involving Professor Daria Starkova are planned.