"Recently, I wrote a review for an issue of my favorite magazine, Tinkle, for a contest called the ‘Tinkle Energy Meter contest’. To participate in the contest, the reader has to write a review and send it to Tinkle. And it so happened, I won the first prize for November which meant that I got to have a character named after me in a story in the magazine! The story I appeared in was part of a series by the name “Tantri the Mantri”. The plot is about a mantri or minister in the court of a king called King Hooja who tries to kill the king in many ways that all backfire on him. I am a ball boy in a tennis match they are playing.
This made me think about the time when I was writing the review. Looking back, I realize that I enjoyed the time I spent writing the review even though I had to work hard and keep writing different drafts. In fact, my final copy was extremely different from what I wrote in the beginning as my opinions changed completely after so many drafts! At the end I was sure I would win. Two months after I sent it to Tinkle, I came to know that I had won. I was ecstatic! That was the first time I had sent a review and I had won! From this, I realized that I could do anything if I worked hard enough. And I want to tell my friends the same thing: “Whatever you do, you can be the best if you try hard enough”. And I am going to follow that too; I am going to put all my effort in everything I do".
Hari Prasad, CAIE 7